Illustration commissioned as a present; client requested picture of client's friend triumphantly riding a Utahraptor through the mountains.

Commissioned illustration based on the line "The Readiness is All" from Shakespeare's Hamlet and Plato's tripartite division of the soul. Also, there is a wyvern. Picture inside frame is A2 poster-sized: roughly 23 x 17."

Wedding invitation suite incorporating themed design elements.

"Mouthfist Dream Team 2015" - a commission for a friend based on one of my dreams.

A Christmas present for the client's friend: client and friend depicted as characters from the Fallout video game series.

Custom 20th anniversary card - concept by client, art by me. I can bring your artistic vision to life!

Commissioned illustration of a co-worker's Dungeons & Dragons ranger character.

Commissioned illustration of same ranger with wife (kitsune hengeyƍkai from Japanese mythology) and child.

Frog skeleton with shark's teeth. What hath science wrought?

Commissioned illustration of a co-worker as an Irish mobster.