Jackson Ferrell

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cover for sci-fi comic book Coldburn

Gabriel Simms has his own transport ship–and four brand-new cargo pods that he bought on loan. However, repairs from a hostile run-in with a robot gone haywire leave him short on cash, and bill collectors are calling. His fellow trader Aries has a big-money under-the-table job transporting synthmetal off a planet whose star is about to go supernova. But if Gabriel gets caught, the trade syndicate will blacklist him until the heat death of the universe. What’s a space trader to do?

Created by author David Ferrell and artist Jackson Ferrell, Coldburn is a story of suspense, robots, and grossly-miscalculated risks. For fans of Star Trek and Firefly, its down-to-earth look at the grit of self-employment in the fictional future is a welcome addition to any comic enthusiast’s library.